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Look 1
This garment is constructed of dyed silk charmeuse overlaid with dyed and burned silk chiffon.

The silhouette of look 1 resembles the essence of the virgin Mary who is a symbol of purity in Christianity.

Look 2
Consisting of a hand-dyed red silk charmeuse and overlayed silk chiffon asymmetrical top and a pair of hand-dyed wool crepe gathered pant with a side hip cut out and an asymmetrical latex band.

The style of this look is inspired by the notorious uttarasanga which is the orange uniform of Buhddist Monks.

look 4 front 2.jpeg

Look 3
Constructed from silk charmeuse and spandex-backed latex. The skirt of the gown is burned and rubbed with soot and the bust pieces are stuffed to create volume.

The silhouette resembles headpieces and garb worn by catholic nuns, however the stuffed pieces act as a parasite attaching itself to the 'nun'.

Look 4
Consisting of a boned organza cape that has been sanded and burned, pants with a hanging pocket bag and a latex waistband and puddles, as well as an abstracted heart harness made from stuffed latex

Both the collar of the cape and the waistband have notched motifs remenicent of clergy members clerical collars

Look 5

This three piece look consists of a cropped dyed organza jacket, a burned and dyed silk charmuese top, and a pair of dyed wool crepe flared pants with openings at the knees that are filled with modular quilted latex panels.

The concept for this look was to begin to show the internal poisoning through the openings of the pant personfiying the poisoned church bodies while also showcasing the degraded exterior of religion in our world.

Look 6

Made up of a stuffed modular wool crepe top with a dyed silk chiffon veil sleeve finished with an original slime-like textile oozing from the folds and a long latex skirt with a stuffed hem.

The concept behind this look is the dangers of religious opulence and ego. By hiding behind religion to constitute hate the poison of ego begins to swallow one whole.

look 7 front.jpeg

Look 7
Constructed entirely of stretch latex, look 7 is a trapunto quilted coat pairs with a slim fit latex pant.

The concept behind this garment is the full external consumtion of politics into religion. The look acts as a personification of spirituality circumming to the full institutalnalization for political means.

Look 8
Entirely covered in an original textile emulating tar-like sludge with protruding bubbles covering the body with eyelets running down the back of the garment.

The concept behind Look 8 is the consumption of individuals into manipulated religions, falling victim to the desires for power and wealth of political figureheads. 

look 8 front.jpeg
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